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About Us

In 2010 a concerned Safari Operator, saw that they urgently needed to help the rangers from the department of National Parks and Wildlife with their anti-poaching efforts in the Dande Safari Area. At the same time there was also a huge need to support the “community scouts” in the abandoned Dande East concession. Using their own finances they contributed to help the patrols with training, safety gear, food, vehicle maintenance, fuel, radio communications, staff welfare, staff accommodation, logistical support and incentives for good work done.

In 2012 the geographic area was expanded to include all of Dande North, the Dande Safari Area and Dande East - some 200,000 hectares (500,000 acres). With the continued pressure on wildlife (especially elephant poaching) and ever increasing financial burden on the operator concerned, the Dande Anti Poaching Unit - DAPU was formed in 2014. A charitable group supported by outside contributors, run by the Safari Operator. DAPU was now able to continue assisting National Parks and community scouts in a more sustainable manner. Wages and incentives for the communities to get involved in the fight against poaching, has seen DAPU become more and more successful.

For a more detailed explanation of what DAPU has achieved, please download this presentation!