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Support The Cause

Would you like to assist in ending the poaching? Help us and support the cause by purchasing any of the Peter Stewart paintings featured in his brochure, 40% of all proceeds go to DAPU! Download the brochure now: 12MB or 2MB

Painting Auction: DAPU is proud to regularly receive donations from well known artists of original canvases. These will be auctioned off with all or part of the proceeds going towards ongoing DAPU expenses.  

Hwange Gold by Gareth Hook - 32x56" oil on canvas

As the title suggests, the sun was on its way down producing a beautiful sunset full of pinks, purples, yellows and golds. We had been watching these zebra at a waterhole in Hwangwe national Park for about half an hour. They didn't seem too bothered by our presence. Suddenly, the 4 of them made a hasty retreat towards a ridge that was near by. We were none the wiser and could not understand this sudden outburst, although knowing that something was up. About a minute later a lone lioness wandered out of the nearby scrub down to have a drink. The zebra, knowing their drinking time was up, trotted over the ridge into the evening light.

About the Artist: Gareth was raised on a farm in the heartland of Zimbabwe. Wildlife has always been a part of his life, from the small stuff like birds and rabbits to the larger stuff like buff and eles. It was a life that he was very fortunate to have whilst growing up. Watching Craig Bone paint when he was 14 years old and been mentored by him sowed the seed for his wildlife art career.

Gareth went on to complete his schooling and from there Studied a fine arts degree at Rhodes University, South Africa. After this he embarked on a profession of a full time wildlife artist. 

Gareth has since exhibited successfully in such places as the United Kingdom, Ireland and showcased work in the United States as well as holding an annual solo exhibition in Harare, Zimbabwe. From these shows he has built up a solid clientele.

Gareth’s paintings and drawings may take many hours and weeks, but the combination of sketches, memories and photographs can bring about the satisfaction of a beautiful piece of art. It is now Gareth’s life goal, through self-discipline and hard work, to fine tune his skills and to further grow in the art industry not just locally but on an international basis as well. Visit Gareth's website for more information on the artist: www.garethhook.com

Current Bid: USD --
Reserve Price : USD 4 000
Closing Date: Extended into 2017
Bid: Email info@dapuzim.com to bid on this painting

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Would you like to assist in ending the poaching?

Help us and support the cause!

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Zambezi - Our Kingdom by Brita Harland - 36x20x2" oil on canvas

This beautiful diptych painting depicts a magical Zambezi valley scene, of three big elephant bulls, standing in the late afternoon light in a mopane forest.

Living and working on safaris with her husband Richard – the legendary hunter and author - in the great Zambezi Valley and Gonarezhou, has provided Brita Harland with a wealth of first hand observation of the bushvelt and big game. Significantly she grew to love the harsh dry environment of these wilderness areas where the long, hot days and dry mopane forests created the special magic of Africa.

Brita’s style and subject matter has found widespread favour, resulting in a number of exhibitions and many commissions. Much of her art has found its way to private collections, not only in Africa, but also Europe & the USA.


Bidding Closed: USD 1 000
Winner: Ike Ikeguchi
Bid: Email info@dapuzim.com to bid on this painting
The Front Line by Peter Stewart - 36x48" oil on canvas  

Depicting a classic Zambezi valley scene, a breeding herd of elephants in defensive mode. The older more experienced cows taking point position creating a front line that is not to be breached. A highly unpredictable situation, only for the brave at heart! With the increase in poaching levels in Zimbabwe these animals are coming under extreme pressure and an increase in aggressive behaviour in these herds is becoming a common occurrence. On the frontline too, are the anti-poaching units such as DAPU and their dedicated personnel who fight this ongoing battle with poachers.

Peter Stewart is a young contemporary painter who has developed a reputation for his highly representational wildlife art. Growing up in South Africa, he became interested in wildlife and the African bush from an early age. Peter has always had a passion for wildlife and the African bush and has spent many months traveling and experiencing the continent. His training has introduced him to many artistic influences including Kim Donaldson (personal friend and mentor), Paul Bosman, Dino Paravano, Shirley Greene and David Shepherd. He has a deep respect for the knowledge and sensitivities of the past and has spent time visiting museums as well as establishing relationships with contemporary realist painters in the USA. Peter has been able to sift through the vast amount of information, be selective, and utilize what's necessary to achieve an impact that speaks about a personal experience with his subjects. His paintings emote, and convey a care and sensitivity that is only achieved from knowing the subject matter intimately. Utilizing subtle value and temperature shifts, fine draughtsmanship, and pure intuition, Peter weaves a world of breathable air and tactile forms.

Bidding Closed: Pounds Sterling 3 000 = US$4 239
Winner: Barry Shaw
Bid: Email info@dapuzim.com to bid on this painting
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