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In 2010 the Dande Safari Area, in northern Zimbabwe, suddenly saw a marked increase in elephant poaching. Our National Parks, as keen as they are, are under funded, demoralised and often unable to respond to situations due to a lack of resources. DAPU has taken up the mantle and provides support and assistance to National Parks, as well as running our own community based unit.

Please help the Dande Anti Poaching Unit to
protect & preserve our wildlife!

2014 - 2021 Summary of Successes



As the debate continues between the anti-hunting community
and those who believe in the "Conservation Through Hunting" model, the unheard voice is the rural African who must live
among the wild animals. It is these people who are most affected when politics supercedes science in the management of wildlife.
Watch "The Unheard Voice" now!

Custodians of Wilderness: Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe.
from The Conservation Imperative on Vimeo.

Purchasing any of the Peter Stewart paintings featured in his brochure, 40% of all proceeds go to DAPU!
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